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The Child Comes First 

The Montessori School of San Diego has a philosophy that isn't always talked about, but is still applicable and still as strongly practiced in the classrooms now as it always has been:  "The Child Comes First."  Once in a while we all need to remember that phrase and rededicate ourselves to the philosophy.  This is what sets aside good Montessori teachers from other teachers.  They are able to bring to the classroom something fresh each day, something from which the children can see and feel and grow. They remember that each and every child needs and deserves respect.  That is why a Montessori teacher will speak to the child in his/her class with respect and discipline is low-key.  At times the situation can be trying as well as tiring, yet each time the Montessori teacher digs a little deeper for the patience and understanding of that one child who needs extra attention.  This dedication of the Montessori teachers, especially of our teachers, is what makes the method applicable and so valuable.  We have an excellent reputation and the administration will always strive to maintain it by employing only the best and most dedicated teachers. 

The Montessori method includes education in Practical Life, Sensorial Exercises, Science, Mathematics and Language. Learn more about the Montessori Method.

Observations are by appointment by calling the school (619) 295-7591

The Montessori School of San Diego is comprised of two facilities in and around San Diego

Montessori School of San Diego
1323 West Spruce Street
San Diego, CA 92103

The Sandpiper Montessori School
455 E Avenue
Coronado, CA 92118