1. How To Apply

There is no application deadline. Applications are accepted ongoing and spaces are filled as the applications are received, subject to a child/teacher interview. Specific class placement cannot be guaranteed, even after a child has met a teacher for the required teacher/child interview.

Apply now online using the form below then pay the $250 application fee with PayPal. YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT COMPLETE AND WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL THE APPLICATION FEE IS RECEIVED.  This fee is nonrefundable unless we cannot accept your child.

Or, apply by mail, email or fax by downloading the application (using the buttons below the form) then mail it to us with a check made out to "Montessori School San Diego".

Tour and Observation:   Please call us at 619 295-7591 to schedule an observation of the classrooms.


Application fee is $250 and non-refundable unless we do not have a space for your child.

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Field Trips: I give permission for my child to attend scheduled field trips with the school. I hereby release Montessori School of San Diego, and hold the School free and harmless from any and all liability for any personal injury suffered by student and/or parents arising out of or relating to the negligence of any driver, whether or not employed by the school, in transporting Student and/or Parents on above field trips. I understand that transportation is provided almost entirely by private automobile.

Acceptance: Children entering this program must be approximately three years old, toilet trained, and demonstrate during a teacher/child interview that they are able to follow directions, verbalize personal needs, and display a sense of respect for classroom materials and teachers. We cannot guarantee specific class placement. Even after placement, but before the first day of school, a child’s class assignment may change.

First Payment (Fall Term): A payment of one tenth the total tuition or equal to one monthly tuition payment (if entering mid-term) is due upon acceptance into the program and in advance of attendance, or by June I for fall enrollment. This payment will constitute one of ten equal payments. (10 payments total for a full term). Payment number two will be due the first day the child attends school. This first payment is not refundable but are applied to tuition at the end of the term. (See Tuition Contract below)

Deposit (Summer Term): For those children who will be attending the Summer Session at the Montessori School of San Diego, a deposit of $250.00 is due by April 1. This deposit is non-refundable but is applicable to Summer Session Tuition.


Payment of Tuition: Payment of tuition can be either by automatic checking account or credit card debit. You will receive the proper forms with other registration materials upon your child's acceptance into the school.

Tuition Contract: A tuition contract is issued for each party who registers a child for the fall or summer sessions. Signers of this contract are responsible for tuition for an entire school session. Tuition payment will be expected for the balance of a fall term if a student is withdrawn after March 1.

Withdrawal: A student may be withdrawn from the school at any time. At this point no additional tuition is due, but no tuition shall be refunded. If tuition has been paid in full for the school year, fees will be prorated and the balance refunded less the amount equal to the deposit based upon tuition paid without a discount.

Application Agreement: I understand that this is an application only and that an interview will be conducted with my child when a space is available to determine suitability of the Montessori Program at this school for my child. I understand that the Montessori School of San Diego reserves the right to dismiss any student it feels is having a detrimental effect on the classroom environment. I hereby acknowledge, consent and authorize the above permissions related to my child and understand the tuition policy, and have read this complete form for deposit information and admission requirements. By submitting this form online you are agreeing to the provisions herein.

Apply by Mail, or EMAIL 

Instead of applying online you can also apply by downloading and printing the application.
Send us the completed application by mail, email ( then mail us a check made out to "Montessori School San Diego".