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AUGUST DAY CAMP, Tuesday August 1 through Thursday August 31

Dear Parents,
Welcome to our August Day camp. 
 Some reminders: There are no refunds during August.
Check your box daily for messages, information, etc.

Tuition will be deducted August 1 (including students who will start later than the first week).
An invoice will be provided before.

Sign-in and out: Please sign your child in and out each day. You may add hours if you wish, but
you must sign in and out each day. The teachers keep attendance records. If your child is
marked as in school on a day and you do not sign in and out, you may be charged for a full day.

Arrival and Pickup: Be sure that a teacher acknowledges your child's arrival and departure No
curb drop-off.

Pickup: The school closes at 6:00 p.m. sharp. As during the school year, there will be a $10.00
per quarter-hour late penalty for pickup after 6:00 p.m. (any part).

Extra clothes, etc. Primary children (ages 3-5) will need a change of clothes in a large zip lock
bag with name). Please send a cot size sheet and blanket if you wish your child to nap.

Forms: If you are new to the school, please remember that we need all of your forms turned in
by start of August Camp.

Arts and Crafts:: The August staff will supervise daily art and craft projects with all of the
children. There will be a morning (formal) and afternoon (informal) project.

Gym Bus: A Mobile Gymnastics Program including a variety of gymnastics equipment and
gymnastics instruction (for primary age). Wednesdays 12:30.

Music: Our music teacher will provide an organized, fun and educational music experience
on a weekly basis through music appreciation and participation in group activities.

Dance: The dance teacher will conduct these classes for children choosing this optional activity on Tuesday The extra charge is $28 for one day per week (Thursdays) or $56 for two days per week (Tuesday, Thursday)

Movie Day:  All children will have the opportunity to view appropriate movies Monday  afternoon here at the school.

Pizza Day: Friday the school will provide pizza for the children at lunch time. Each child
should bring the balance of his/her lunch that day. Please help us save unwanted food and
complete the form at the bottom of this page if you DO NOT want pizza for your child.

Jumper Day: Four times during the session the school will set up a Jumper on the lower
yard for play. (Monday):

Computer Days : Children ages 6-9 will have a daily opportunity to use the school's computers. Supervision will be provided.

Playball: The Playball Program will offer organized physical activities to all children on
Fridays 8/12, 19, 26

Woodworking: Sheila Dawson will conduct woodworking activities in her mobile studio on
August 17, 18, 24, 25.

Wading pools: If you would like your child to participate in the wading pools activity in the
afternoon, please send a swim suit and towel, each marked with your child's name. Wading pool
days are posted near sign out table in advance.

Please do not provide Pizza for my child_________________________________________.
Thank you,
_______________________________ __________________________
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