Welcome to the Summer Session 2019 at the Montessori School of San Diego. The staff and administration of the school will endeavor to make this session an enjoyable and productive one for your child.

Sign in and Out each day. The book is located next to the office. It is a state requirement that this be done. 

Check your mail box each day also. These are across from the office door downstairs. Teachers may place newsletters or notes from time to time in your box. The teachers all have boxes on the first row. Jim Turner's box is in the top row, far right.

Parent Handbook: A Parent handbook is included in this mailing. Check with me if you do not have this. For returning students, this was not sent.

Extended care: It is important to know that day care hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and from 3:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The charge for extended day care is $2.50 per hour (any part)*. There is a late fee for half day children picked up after 12:30 and full day children after 6:00 p.m. * You may choose the automatic $60 per month extended care feature offered on the tuition contract.

Parent Bulletin Board: Next to the sign out table is a bulletin board for the parents. It will
contain monthly newsletters from the school and other important information. You may place small notes on the board also. (Such as "missing sweater" or "free hamster to good home...")

Office door bulletin board: This board contains the school calendar and tuition rates as well as some other information.

Questions: Should you have any questions please check in the office or see your child's The teachers are not available during the school day. You may, however, make arrangements to speak with them briefly before or after school by dropping a note in her box. Jim Turner or Paula Clairmont are available most anytime during the school day.

Lost and found box is located just inside the office door

Optional Classes: There is still some space in most classes. Please check in the office for information.

Change of clothes: For children in rooms 1,2,3, we would like to maintain a spare set of clothes (pants or shorts, shirt, socks, under wear) in a zip lock bag, everything labeled with the child’s name. For some children, two or three sets of clothes is a good idea.

Lunches: Each child should bring his/her own lunch to school each day. Although we believe it is absolutely up to the parent’s discretion as to what their child eats for lunch each day, we suggest a balanced meal with a minimum of sweets. The teachers ask the child to begin lunch with the main, nutritious portion. Snacks will be provided by the school.

Naps: If your child is a full day student, please let the teacher know if he/she requires an
afternoon nap. (Rooms 1,2,3).

Parking: Please remember that our two parking lots will accommodate 10 cars and parking in front of school can handle two more. Please pull up and over in the parking lots to fit as many cars as is safe. If you park behind someone, please hurry. If you cannot afford to wait up to five minutes, please find a parking place on the street. Thanks.

Ramp/Stairs: For safety’s sake, we do not allow the children to run on the stairs or ramp. Please help us reinforce this asking the same of your child. Also, please no “riding” on the front gate or hanging on the handle This is very hard on the handle and locking mechanism.

Communication: Please feel free to stop in or leave a note anytime regarding anything. We can’t solve a problem or help you unless we are aware!

Room 1: Patti Johnson, Biljana Monteleone
Room 2: Karen Wincek, Mary Beth Coleman
Room 3: Samiya Gaya, Jennifer Davis
Room 4: Erin Western, Nancy Mitchell
Room 5: Barbara Taylor, Lizzie Smith
Roving Assistants: Kim Lindsay, Stephanie Cota
Daycare: Jenny Davis, Stephanie Cota, Elliott Newhouse, Kim Lindsay, Nasra Ali
Office: Paula Clairmont

Your children: Always remember that we care about your children above anything else we do here. We will make our best effort to provide the most nurturing and educational environment possible here at Montessori School of San Diego. We appreciate your support.

Thank you,
Jim Turner

Holidays and Important Dates 2018-2019
September 7, 2018 Open House
September 10, 2018 Fall Session Begins
November 12, 2018 Veteran’s Day
November 21,22,23 Thanksgiving
December 17-1/1/19 Holiday Break
January 11, 2019 Middle of Fall Session
January 21, 2019 Martin Luther King Day
February 18, 2019 President’s Day
March 1-22, 2019 Registration for Summer Fall Terms
March 8, 2019 Staff Development Day
March 25, 2019 Registration Opens to New Students
April 1, 2019 Summer Deposits due
April 15-19, 2019 Spring Break
May 27, 2019 Memorial Day
June 3, 2019 Fall Deposit, Insurance due
June 7, 2019 Fall Session 2018-19 ends
June 11-July 31 Summer Session 2019
July 4-5, 2019 Independence Day
August 5-30, 2019 August Session