Registration: Registration deadline for summer and fall was Friday March 23. We have now opened registration to new students. If you have not yet registered for summer or fall, but wish to do so, please hurry. Classrooms 1-3 are near full on paper. If you have any questions about your child's placement for summer and fall, please ask. This information will be discussed at conferences, which will take place early next month (May) and would pertain to moving from the primary classes to room 4 or room 4 to 5.

Parent Conferences will begin in May. This is the second of two conferences held during the year. Class placement for the summer and fall will be discussed at this conference.

Elementary Information: Any parents who would like more information about the Elementary classes (room 4 and 5) may schedule a meeting with the either of the teachers in room 4 (Erin) or room 5 (Barbara). Please check with the office.

Parent Nights: There was a great turnout for My Favorite Work night here at the school. The children proved that they can be just as eager about their school work in the evening as during the day! Thanks for coming to this event.

Summer: Deposits for summer session will be deducted on the first ($100 per child).

Don’t Forget: In the morning, walk your child into the class room and be sure that a teacher is aware of his/her presence.

Coming up in May: Conferences (# 2 of 2)
Hot Lunch Days April:

April 13 _____Pizza or _____Chicken Nuggets
April 20 _____Pizza or _____Corn Dog
April 27 _____Pizza or _____Chicken Nuggets

Child’s name_________________________________________

Please make checks payable to Montessori School of San Diego $5.50 per lunch
One lunch= $5.50. Two lunches =$11.00 Three lunches=$16.50 Four lunches= $22.00 

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