Tax Time: As you prepare your tax return in the next couple of months, I know some of you will need the school's federal tax I.D. number. It is 26-4639909 Let me know if you need a 2017 summary.

Holiday: As noted on your school calendar, February 19 is a school holiday in honor of presidents Lincoln and Washington.Parent.  

Conferences : Thank you to those of you who attended the first of two parent conferences of the year. We hope that this was helpful in your understanding of your child’s progress here at Montessori School of San Diego.
Looking Ahead: As registration for summer and next fall approaches (during March) I would invite any of the parents of children in rooms 1, 2, or 3 to schedule an appointment to observe the room 4 classroom. There are some of you busy having us complete evaluations for other schools for the elementary level. We have a great program here! You will be amazed at what these five-seven year-olds are doing! Room 4 parents are invited to visit room 5 also (ages 7 through 9).
Staff Development Day: The school will be closed Friday March 9 (as per your school calendar). Teachers will workshop together, make materials, refresh the classrooms, and further their education by listening to a presentation by the Clinical Director of Autism Learning Partners, Sarah Torgimson. She will be educating our teachers on the Symptoms of Autism in preschoolers.
School Hours: A reminder that the school does not open until 7:30 a.m. Although a teacher may be present before 7:30 a.m., please wait to bring your child into the class until that time.
Sweaters and Jackets, etc. We REALLY encourage writing your child’s name into clothing. The label is a good spot for this. You would not believe how many articles are lost or unclaimed each year.
Coming up in March Staff Development Day, 3/9/. Registration for Summer and Fall, 3/1 to 3/23
Hot Lunch days FEBRUARY:

February 2      _____Pizza or _____Chicken Sandwich

February 9      _____Pizza or _____Chicken Nuggets

February 16   _____Pizza or  _____Corn Dog

February 23   _____Pizza or  _____Chicken Nuggets

Please make checks payable to Montessori School of San Diego
One lunch= $5.50 Two =$11.00 Three =$16.40 Four =$22.00

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