Dear Parents,

As we navigate these uncertain and unfamiliar days, it is important for all of us, including the staff and administration of the Montessori School of San Diego, to take positive steps toward a successful outcome to the current Pandemic. It is apparent that, among other things, this means closing for a period of time. At this point, we will be closed for one week starting Monday 3/16. By the end of the week, we should know whether to extend that period. We need to make this step as easy as possible for you, the parents.
First of all, the children need to keep busy while they are away from school. Monday morning the teachers will meet at school and put together one week "packets” of work from the different subject areas which we can send to you via e-mail, or in the case of the younger children, ideas for activities while at home. Room 5 children may be using an online application to accomplish this. Teachers at each level are putting together lessons that are designed to have students practice skills and concepts that may have already been taught. Revisiting past material helps to reinforce the learning. Each teacher will be sending out an email separately explaining how your child can access grade level appropriate curriculum and what concepts and skills on which they will be focusing. We can make hard copy activities available for those who need to access in this format. These will need to be picked up at the school. 
Finally, we do not know how long this current situation will necessitate keeping the school closed. Right now we are going to operate on a week to week basis. It is possible that we will move our Spring Break up to an earlier date than the current 4/6 through 4/10.
Some of you will need care for your child while you work. Below is a list of staff who will be willing to come to your home and care for your children while you are working as well as the hourly charge.
Jim Turner
Dear Parents,

Our teachers met this morning and are busy working to prepare programs and materials for your children while at home. These should be sent to you by e-mail today. It was agreed today to move Spring Break from the week of April 6 to the week of March 23. From March 23 through March 27 teachers will be off (Spring Break). Your e-mails will continue to be answered . Please send them to this address  during the Spring Break time period. It was agreed also that barring any new and unforeseen information, we will open again on Monday March 30. We will completely understand if you would like to keep your children at home that week and perhaps longer, but for those who choose to send their children to school, our plan current plan is to be here for you and them. As always, children should not be brought to school if they are ill. Extra caution at this time is important. On Wednesday March 26 we will confirm the school's opening for the next week.

Today you should receive from your child’s teacher suggested work activities for your children directly from your child’s teacher. This will include developmentally appropriate “home work” or activities. Again, please contact me with any questions. Is is important for all of us to understand that this situation is ever changing. We all need to be prepared for whatever will come our way if at all possible.
You may recall that March was our month for current students to register for summer and fall sessions. The deadline for that has been extended to the end of April. We also hope to hold the “My Favorite Work Night” toward the end of the school year.

Jim Turner

Holidays and Important Dates 2019-20

September 6, 2019  Open House

September 9, 2019 Fall Session Begins

November 11, 2019 Veteran’s Day

November 27, 28, 29 Thanksgiving

December 23-1/3/20 Holiday Break

January 11, 2019 Middle of Fall Session

January 20, 2019 Martin Luther King Day

February 17, 2020  President’s Day

March 2-April 30, 2020 Registration for Summer Fall Terms

March 6, 2020  Staff Development Day

March 23-27, 2020  Spring Break

April 30, 2020  Registration Opens to New Students

May 1, 2020   Summer Deposits due

May 25, 2020   Memorial Day

June 1, 2020   Fall Deposit, Insurance due

June 5, 2020   Fall Session 2019-20 ends

June 9-July 30  Summer Session 2020

July 2-3, 2020  Independence Day

August 3-28, 2019 August Session 2020