Montessori School of San Diego

October Newsletter 2019

With the passing of the first month of the 2019-20 school year, we have settled into a comfortable routine. I can already tell that the children now feel secure (for the most part!) in their environment and that the teachers do also! Evaluation time is passing and real direction is now taking place.

School pictures: Picture day is Friday October 4. These must be ordered in advance. SHOOTING BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 9:00 A.M. Keep in mind that delivery of these photos is usually right before the winter break in December.

Parent Night: Our first Parent Night will be held Thursday October 24 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This evening is for adults only and the subject is “Overview of the Montessori Class.” The first half hour will be for parents to mingle and get to know one another. The Elementary Classes (room 4 and 5) will present on “Overview of the Montessori Elementary Class,” which will be specific to the materials presented for 2019-2020.

Halloween: Although each class at the Montessori school will have a fall celebration around the time of Halloween, we do not celebrate Halloween. We ask in conjunction with this that children do not wear costumes to school. I am sure that they will have an opportunity to wear a favorite costume around the neighborhood on Halloween, and give each of you the opportunity to have a real good workout that evening. Also, it would really help the teachers if you would refrain from sending candy in lunches.

Dropping off your child: Now that the children are more comfortable at school, we ask that at any time after 8:55 a.m. (8:45 a.m. for rooms 4,5).you say goodbye to your child at the door and let him/her come into the classroom on his/her own. A teacher will be there to greet the children. We are beginning classroom activities at this time and are trying to minimize distraction and confusion. It is also easier for a child to distinguish between the world of mom and dad and the world of the classroom this way. When a parent stays inside the classroom for an extended period of time, separation sometimes is more difficult. The child perceives that the classroom community includes mom or dad.

Optional Classes: If your child is taking an optional class, please sign out using the time you take your child from school. We do not want to charge you for extended care during optional class time, so please indicate “dance, art, gym, etc. next to your sign out and we will deduct one hour for extended care.

Coming up in November: Thanksgiving Feast, Tuesday November 26. No school 11/27, 11/28, 11/29.

THE HOT LUNCH DAY on Friday is proving to be a great success. PLEASE BE REMINDED that lunches must be ordered by Thursday.

Holidays and Important Dates 2019-20

September 6, 2019  Open House

September 9, 2019 Fall Session Begins

November 11, 2019 Veteran’s Day

November 27, 28, 29 Thanksgiving

December 23-1/3/20 Holiday Break

January 11, 2019 Middle of Fall Session

January 20, 2019 Martin Luther King Day

February 17, 2020  President’s Day

March 2-27, 2020 Registration for Summer Fall Terms

March 6, 2020  Staff Development Day

March 28, 2020  Registration Opens to New Students

April 1, 2020   Summer Deposits due

April 6-10, 2020  Spring Break

May 25, 2020   Memorial Day

June 1, 2020   Fall Deposit, Insurance due

June 5, 2020   Fall Session 2019-20 ends

June 9-July 30  Summer Session 2020

July 2-3, 2020  Independence Day

August 3-28, 2019 August Session 2020